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Mar 13, 2018

This episode features two episodes from the Voices of Dentistry on highly discussed topics. First off we talk with Jeremy Taylor and Chris Stryker who are currently in the middle of the their GPR programs. If you have any interest in residency I would highly recommend tuning in!  

Second on the docket we have Dr. Bryan Laskin, Doc is unicorn in dentistry for sure. He has his hands in a number of pots including multiple practices and other business ventures like OperaVR a virtual reality for dental patients. Something I will be testing out very soon!  Specifically in this episode we talk about how he manages and helps grow his young millennial associates.  

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Mar 6, 2018

Another fun episode from Voices of Dentistry 2018! We got to sit down with Russell Kirk, the man behind the “Business of Dentistry” Podcast. We also had my good buddy Mike Cowan who is the founder and CEO of Awaken 2 Sleep! We had a great discussion on getting into treating airway issues. Mike is a sleep technician so is just full of knowledge and statistics that we don’t hear on the dental side. Dr. Kirk gave us a lot of insight on where he struggled when he first started doing oral appliances and how important it is for us as doctors to be aware of these issues when sedating our patients.  

If you’re a new dentist or new associate and your trying to figure out where to put your time and money as far as CE I would really encourage you to looking into airway courses. It’s amazing how much it can impact your practice. When you think about 1/5 people having OSA you realize it’s all over your practices. It may not be the flashiest, but it can save lives and can be profitable as well! Something to think about! 

Dr. Russell Kirk: 

Mike Cowan: 

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Feb 27, 2018

As a dentist we all know the number one thing we don’t get a lot of training on is business management. In that, I would say one of the hardest parts is managing your team and implementing the right people and systems. In this episode we have a great, laid back conversation with Ragan and Jon on how dentistry is changing and how to deal with it. We talk about as a young dentist some of the best tips and tricks on running your practice and managing your team! Also some awesome tips on creating value and educating your patients to get away from insurance! 

Check it out and check out the company Fortune Management.  Check out their facebook group as well at @fortunemgmtmidsouth  

As always thanks so much for listening! If you like the show we would love for you to review the show on iTunes as well as spread the word! If you have any questions or want to get in touch, shoot me an email at 

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Feb 20, 2018

This might be my all time favorite episode! As ridiculous as it sounds…myself, T-Bone (Tarun Agarwal), John Pasicznyk, and Petar Tofovic recorded a podcast in a 16-passenger van on the way to the BeefMastor! This may be the best steak house in the world in the middle of nowhere North Carolina!  

In this episode we talk about what it means to have a vision for yourself and practice, AEGD vs. GPR, and goal setting. Not just normal goal setting, but how to survive, how to get a job, and being an associate. Its just jammed packed with great information. I think you will love it!  

As always let me know your feedback and make sure to sign up for the Hinman Dental Meeting March 22-24th. Its free for students and we will be located at booth #855! If you haven’t already make sure to follow us on instagram at @millennialdentist and facebook!  


Feb 14, 2018

Two exciting conversations today! First off, it was an absolute pleasure to get to chat with Gary Takacs at Voices of Dentistry. For those of you who don’t know, Gary is an Ace of all trades. Although he isn’t a dentist he owns a dental practice and does dental consulting, and is totally invested into helping dentists succeed.  

In this episode, we talk about his journey to owning, how to make it with your local community, and the Thriving Practice Academy! Oh, and did I mention he is the Podfather? He started the first every dental podcast, the “Thriving Dentist Podcast”. 

On the back half of the episode we had an awesome conversation with some of our friends at the Hinman. Adam Hodges is a dentist who has been out 17 years. He shares how crucial the Hinman Dental Meeting has been to his success and what all the Hinman has to offer new graduates! For all you students out there it is FREE! It’s a no brainer and there are lot of opportunities for scholarships!  We are super excited to be attending Hinman this year and have our own booth at #855! We expect lots of you to be there and to stop by and record with us! Check it out at #MyHinman 

As always thanks so much for listening! If you like the show we would love for you to review the show on iTunes as well as spread the word! If you have any questions or want to get in touch, shoot me an email at 


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Feb 7, 2018

Welcome back everyone! This is the first of many episodes recorded at Voices of Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a great meeting that will be back there next January. Make sure to put that on your schedule for next year! 

In this episode we had the privlidege of interning Dr. Jeff Rouse. Dr. Rouse is a prosthodontist out of Texas that teaches at Spear Education  For those of you who don’t know, the Spear Education center is second to none. Its located in Scottsdale and has a number of courses, workshops, and seminars that you can attend. Can’t recommend those enough! We will be sharing more about that in later episodes I am sure as I am starting there workshops soon and we are all members of the online community! 

Dr. Rouse has an awesome story that ultimately leads to a conversation about Airway Prosthodontics….and yes I had the same look you do right now when reading that! Way over my head! This episode is awesome though because it really makes you think and gives you a new perspective to airway issues and what we can do as a dentist! Everyone take a listen send us your feedback!! 

Also don’t forget, we will be at the Hinman Dental Meeting in March, booth #855! Come see us! 


Jan 30, 2018

Today we have a really fun episode which is a combination of anumber of interviews with dental students from Meharry Dental School, Eastern Carolina Dental School, University of Georgia Dental School, Tennessee Dental School, and some pre-dental students from Virgina Tech! 

We had a blast talking about how awesome meetings are with ASDA, the differences between dental schools, and even tips right after graduating. Each part is a little different and starts as follows… 

-Georgia’s Alex Howell out of the gate 

-Virginia Tech Pre dental at  

-The Ladies from Tennessee at  

-Meharry Leaders at  

-Group from ECU at 

Share this episode with all your friends…I think there is a ton of good take home points!  


Jan 23, 2018

Dr. Bill may seem like your typical old dentist at first glance, but not so fast!!! He is a dentist in Georgia that is the writer of two best selling amazon books, “The 10,000 a day dentist” and “Marketing the Million Dollar Practice”. He speaks around the world and is a very active member on social media, escpecially Facebook.  

What makes Dr. Williams unique is that he has built and sold multiple practices and really knows how to focus on growth. He also is a super general dentist in that he does pretty much everything! I would strongly encourage you to take a listen, reach out, and pick up one or both of his books. They will make you think for sure and you will pick up a couple nuggets of info! 

You can contact him at Solstice Dental Advisors and be sure to check out this mastermind! In other news make sure to come see us at Voices of Dentistry and Hinman in March! 


Jan 16, 2018

Happy New Year everyone!

This is the first official release back in 2018. After a super busy holiday season the three of us are ready to get back at it. We have lots of exciting stuff coming up starting with Voices of Dentistry January 27-28th in Scottsdale, AZ! Its not to late to register so check it out! In other news we will also have a booth at Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta in March so please come see us there!

Let me introduce Justin Ditkofsky, or big JD as we referred to him as. He is consulting for Cirrus Consulting, a firm that helps new graduates and dentists looking to buy deal with lease and rent issues in regards to their practices. Something most of us would never even think about! Peyman can tell you first hand how hard it was to negotiate with the companies leasing the properties and how easy it would be to get taken advantage of without some help. Spending a little here can save you a ton in the long run!

If anyone has questions or thoughts on the episode let us know. And give Big JD a call…its my understanding that they would be happy to do a free consult with you in regards to what you got going on! Your silly not to take advantage of that! Some of the things we discussed our listed below…take look!

Cheers to an exciting new year everyone!



Opening a New Practice

  • Buying vs. Leasing: How to determine ROI on your real estate investment.
  • The key steps to opening a practice and negotiating a risk-free lease agreement.


Office Lease Renewals

  • How and when to start negotiations with your landlord.
  • Identifying expensive lease traps, and how to negotiate the best rental rates and terms during your renewal.


Selling Your Practice/Transitioning

  • How the lease agreement can make or break the sale of your practice.
  • Increasing practice value with a well-structured and negotiated lease agreement.


Cost-Saving Strategies

  • How to determine if you’re overpaying in rent.
  • Understand if your Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges are accurate.

Contact Cirrus Consulting Here:

Jan 9, 2018

Lieutenant Dr’s Chris Rosson and Gannon Van allen are two of my good buddies from dental school They chose to go into Navy after dental school for a lot of reasons. Obviously, the big perk is you can be debt free! I personally think it’s a great option for people to do.  

In this episode, they talk about life as a military officer and dentist in the Navy. I was shocked to hear how similar it can be to private practice, the freedom you can have, and the opportunities you have to get more education. Chris is actually considering specializing in the Navy so he provided a lot of insight on that.  

If your considering the military and specifically the Navy, this is a must listen to episode. They are also very willing to answer questions if you have them and all their contact info is at the end of the episode! 


Nov 28, 2017

As most of you listeners know I am a big fan of all things financial and one of my biggest mentors whether he knows it or not is Jim Dahle, MD, of the “White Coat Investor”. What started out as a blog, turned into a book, a bigger blog, and now a forum, it continues to grow and grow. Mainly, because its one of the few places to really get good unbiased financial advice.

In this episode we talk about loans, investing, what not to do in regards to money, who to hire in regards to money, and everything in between. This episode goes down in the top 5 for me as well as a must listen episode. I would strongly encourage all of you to check out his website, and pick up the book!

If you have questions or thoughts feel free to reach out to him or us. As always, work smarter not harder! We will see you next time!


Nov 21, 2017

What an episode we have in store today! If you aren’t living under a rock or neck deep in pathology books (which you might be) then you have probably heard about the new “Floss Bar”. According to their website, “Floss Bar is a lifestyle brand empowering consumers to take back their power in the dental chair. It’s a network of actual dental offices we banded together, all run similarly, working to disrupt the industry by offering choice. ”Those choices are things like having exams, x rays, and other things usually required.  

So if that doesn’t sound polarizing I don’t know what is. Actually typing that I am kind of wondering when us a dentists took the choice away to begin with. Anyway, this episode is sure to get some attention. I do want to thank Eva Sadej the founder for coming on and talking with us about Floss Bar. It was a very interesting episode and I think she will be very successful. Hopefully, we encouraged to work on a couple things!  

Please send us your thoughts, spread the episode, and like us on instagram and facebook! 


Nov 7, 2017

This episode is really what the whole podcast is about. Myself and the Holeshot(Dr. Dan) who has been MIA for a couple weeks is back interview Dr. Don Murry. Donny and I met at a CE event back in the summer and totally hit off. He is 2010 grad who is just making waves. He is starting his own CE series around golf and good times! I will actually be speaking March 10th and 11th on cerec restorations and 3d printing at one of his events!

The episode is really just a glimpse into what the life after dental school is like. Meeting other motivated individuals, developing relationships, and sharing what’s working and what’s not working.  

He talks about what has worked in his practice, what hasn’t worked, and what he wants to do to keep pushing it. Make sure to check out his website and his courses because they are going to be awesome! Also, Donny has the Are You Numb Yet podcast, which is great! So check it out!

Oct 31, 2017

Well, I got kind of lazy and didn’t edit any of those episodes so we missed a week. But, just like any good team we are coming out of the off week with a bang! This week we have Sameer Puri on the podcast to talk about his journey from dental school at USC to AEGD at Tennessee and on to a failed practiced, a thriving practice, and now his role at Spear Education with Cerec Doctors.

As a cerec user myself I was pumped to get to talk with Sam. I think you will find the episode has a lot to offer the new graduate and new dentist. Of course we had a good conversation about cad/cam and its use in dentistry. If you’re not a cerec user don’t just skip this episode because he has a great story and I promise its not a cerec homer episode!

Thanks for sharing the podcast, leaving us reviews, and giving us feedback! All your comments we get through the website make it all worthwhile!


Oct 17, 2017

Great episode this week that was very educational for me. We have talked a lot over the course about the general dentist being able to do more and more because of technology. In this episode we talk to two prosthodontists who are absolutely killing it. Its a glimpse into what the future of their specialty looks like. And trust me, this aint your granddads specialty or the one you saw while in dental school. 

Dr. Ivan Chicchon is a prosthodontist out of California that is doing all sorts of implant work. He is created a book with the help of some of his colleagues called the “All-On-X Handbook” A book I have already purchased! He is giving a special discount to all of our listeners. Go to and you can get 35% off. Dr. Naif Sinada is a prosthodontist currently located in Texas and is doing some insane stuff. He just started his own podcast called “Dental Outliers”. Make sure to check it out! 

We would love your review on iTunes and keep spreading the word. 



Oct 10, 2017

This episode is totally different from the usual episodes we have. And frankly, I think its pure gold! A month or two ago I had an opportunity to be a part of a mastermind weekend with a lot of talented individuals currently in dentistry and names you are going to be hearing more of in the future. We talked about multiple practice ownership, bringing specialists in, the importance of setting goals, but most importantly how to accomplish your goals, and the importance of being around like-minded people.

It’s a late night round table with Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Dr. Meena Barsoum, Dr. John Pasicznyck, Dr. Erin Elliott, Hootan Shahidi, and myself. It sheds light onto how going to continuing education has allowed me to meet so many great people and how some of them have become such mentors to me. Its late night conversations like this that don’t happen with virtual continuing education. I am lucky because not only have I learned stuff to help m practice, but I also have new friends in the industry.  I think it’s an episode you can take a lot away from. I hope you enjoy!


Oct 3, 2017

Well, it turns out the three of us know absolutely nothing about embezzlement, hiring, or firing! But seriously, this was a very eye opening for all of us as I am sure it will be for you. David Harris is a private investigator, cpa, and now embezzlement specialist in Dentistry.

In this episode, he points out a lot of eye opening facts and figures on dental embezzlement. It’s a real deal and could be affecting you right now! He is super open and candid about what we need to do and how we can avoid being embezzled from.

David’s company, Prosperident is all about helping dentists avoid this. If you personally have a suspicion that something is going on I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his company to investigate. They do it in a very stealth way that is completely hidden from everyone. He actually is giving our listeners a questionnaire that usually runs $129 through the end of 2017. Its free here,

-David’s Contact info


Sep 26, 2017

In this episode we combined two different episdoes into one master episode. We actually talk with three people. First off we talked with Jordon Comstock who started Boomcloud an in office membership plan software and Ben Tuinei who started Veritas Dental Resources.  Veritas is a company that deals with adding, dropping, and analyzing your insurance companies and even negotiating higher fees. Together both Jordon and Ben host a podcast that I would encourage you to listen to called “Navigating Dental Insurance” 

It was a treat doing a joint podcast with these guys who are super informative and knowledgeable about both issues. We personally have been looking into these types of things and so it was very helpful.  

The back half of the episode we talked with a company called Privvy, who does a very similar thing that Boomcloud does. Emile Barraza and Abi Sheshadri the co founders joined us to talk about how there company differs. Privvy is a start up and is much smaller than Boomcloud, but does have a lower entry cost. Boomcloud has a higher entry cost but much more experience. It will be interesting to see how these companies continue to do and I would encourage to look into both of them!  

Sep 19, 2017

If you have been in dentistry for at least an hour you have probably heard of Dr. Howard Farran. Known for being the creator of the largest dental forum online, DentalTown, and the Townie Meeting held every year in Vegas. If you want a straight shooting, business savvy, uncensored approach to getting off to a good start in your dental career…takes a listen!

Personally for Peyman and I this was a really fun episode. We actually were fortunate enough to see and meet Dr. Farran at Tennessee my second year of dental school. He was one of the first people to inspire me to look beyond just the clinical part of dentistry and at the business side. To get to interview him and bounce ideas back and forth was a neat moment for us!

I hope you enjoy the episode, make sure to follow his podcast “Dentistry Uncensored”, share the episode, and I would encourage you if your not already to become a member of DentalTown.

Sep 12, 2017

When we started trying to do medical billing the majority of my team and dentists in our area said we didn’t have a good chance of getting paid. Well, after a couple months of now using Code and getting things processed we have gotten a couple different claims paid and a bunch more in the pipeline. The standout is obviously the $5,000 check for a sleep appliance.   

I knew that in our office we couldn’t take on more roles in office and that if we wanted to be successful we would need to team up with a third party. That’s when I met Hootan and Code. I can honestly say that they have been great to work with and we wouldn’t be successful without them.  

In this episode we talk about the nuances of medical billing, where you can get paid, and the best approach to doing it. Its super informative but only touches the iceberg. You can find out more by attending one of his conferences, dinners, or courses in Raleigh at the  His fees are super affordable at $1,000 for initial start up and only 8% of claims actually paid. His website is Code

Sep 5, 2017

One of the best parts about being an owner and a dentist is being able to travel around with dental buddies, learn from each other, and write it all off! A couple of weeks ago The Holeshot and I flew down to Austin with four other dentists and an attorney to meet up with 2 local dentists. We rented a house on the lake, talked about dentistry, drank some beer, and had a great time!

This episode is a compilation of two of the times we recorded driving to and from Top Golf. Our first Roadcast if you will!

Content wise I thought it was really good, we had Dr. Jeff Alford who is an Oral Surgeon in Austin, Dr. Alec Rice, an Orthodontist in Nashville, Dr. Jeff Riggs an Oral Surgeon in Nashville, and then we had our resident attorney Clay Lee from Nasvhille. We talked about everything from getting into a specialty, to finding a job, to a really good conversation on opoid addiction and what we can do to help and not get in legal trouble!

Take a listen and enjoy this laid back good time!!! Work Harder Not Smarter!


Aug 29, 2017

In this episode we hear how Dr. JohnnyP went from dropping our of his residency program after 3 months of being there and backing out on a practice purchase in the last hour, to owning multiple practices with the latest technology. It was great having a super candid conversation about the defining moments looking back on his 7 year career so far.  

This is a great episode for new dentists because he shares about how making tough decisions defined his path. Not to mention what life as associate was like before owning a practice and then having to now hire associates. It’s a great perspective.  

We also talked about investing in yourself, technology, and being a risk taker. Take a listen and make sure to check out his website and shot him an email with questions or if your looking for a job at Seriously, if you’re a new graduate looking for a great opportunity near Indianapolis you should give him call! Thanks everybody! –Sully 

Aug 22, 2017

After a delicious meal at Chipotle Peyman and I sat down and got to talk with Dr. Baron Grutter who is a Michigan native currently practicing in the Midwest. I loved this episode because it really answers so many of the questions new dentists have and we get to see how things unfolded for him looking back in hindsight on everything. Questions such as dealing with debt, buying equipment for practice, buying a second office, hiring associates are just some of the stuff we got into.

And if that’s not enough we also hit on all the exciting things Baron has his hands in currently on the technology side. Baron is a part of the Blue Sky Bio team an open source software for all things implants, 3D printing, and now aligners for ortho. He currently teaches a number of courses on these subjects. For more info check his website out at to find out more about when courses are available! Thanks again for listening and keep spreading the word!

Aug 15, 2017

Sticking with the theme of good value for the money on consulting we follow up Laura Hatch with Travis Hornsby, founder of Student Loan Planner. Obviously student loans are getting out of hand and its probably the number 1 question students/new graduates have questions about. In this episode we dive right into the issues of how this happened, how to pay them off, and the options in which to do it.  

I have to admit I was skeptical about this interview when we set up but was blown away with Travis. His wife is an MD so he has a unique relationship to the medial field. In addition, his fees for analyzing your loans and giving non-biased advice are super reasonable. His flat fees are $199 for an individual and $299 for a couple where they both have debt.  

Reality is financial advisors and your family friend is probably the worst places to go to get advice on this subject. This is a great episode to share with friends! Below are some resources Travis gave me and remember to check us out at  

Free dental school loan calculator download 

Refinancing guide for all the places dentists want to check for rates:

Aug 8, 2017

When we all graduate we really have no clue how to run a business, manage a team, or even train the team. Frankly, we are just trying to all figure out how to do the dentistry and keep our heads above water! Consultants and in office training can be super expensive and takes up time when you could be seeing patients.

We don’t usually promote individual companies, but Front Office Rocks is an excellent resource for young dentists. 7-10 minute videos on everything related to dealing with insurance, the disgruntled patient, and answering the phone. All for $149.00 a month with no contract! All three of us have signed up and have been thrilled with the results!

Thanks for listening and as always we love to hear feedback/questions you have! Also if you haven’t yet follow us on Facebook and Instagram because we do a lot of live videos, post cases, and give aways!

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