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Oct 31, 2017

Well, I got kind of lazy and didn’t edit any of those episodes so we missed a week. But, just like any good team we are coming out of the off week with a bang! This week we have Sameer Puri on the podcast to talk about his journey from dental school at USC to AEGD at Tennessee and on to a failed practiced, a thriving practice, and now his role at Spear Education with Cerec Doctors.

As a cerec user myself I was pumped to get to talk with Sam. I think you will find the episode has a lot to offer the new graduate and new dentist. Of course we had a good conversation about cad/cam and its use in dentistry. If you’re not a cerec user don’t just skip this episode because he has a great story and I promise its not a cerec homer episode!

Thanks for sharing the podcast, leaving us reviews, and giving us feedback! All your comments we get through the website make it all worthwhile!


Oct 17, 2017

Great episode this week that was very educational for me. We have talked a lot over the course about the general dentist being able to do more and more because of technology. In this episode we talk to two prosthodontists who are absolutely killing it. Its a glimpse into what the future of their specialty looks like. And trust me, this aint your granddads specialty or the one you saw while in dental school. 

Dr. Ivan Chicchon is a prosthodontist out of California that is doing all sorts of implant work. He is created a book with the help of some of his colleagues called the “All-On-X Handbook” A book I have already purchased! He is giving a special discount to all of our listeners. Go to and you can get 35% off. Dr. Naif Sinada is a prosthodontist currently located in Texas and is doing some insane stuff. He just started his own podcast called “Dental Outliers”. Make sure to check it out! 

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Oct 10, 2017

This episode is totally different from the usual episodes we have. And frankly, I think its pure gold! A month or two ago I had an opportunity to be a part of a mastermind weekend with a lot of talented individuals currently in dentistry and names you are going to be hearing more of in the future. We talked about multiple practice ownership, bringing specialists in, the importance of setting goals, but most importantly how to accomplish your goals, and the importance of being around like-minded people.

It’s a late night round table with Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Dr. Meena Barsoum, Dr. John Pasicznyck, Dr. Erin Elliott, Hootan Shahidi, and myself. It sheds light onto how going to continuing education has allowed me to meet so many great people and how some of them have become such mentors to me. Its late night conversations like this that don’t happen with virtual continuing education. I am lucky because not only have I learned stuff to help m practice, but I also have new friends in the industry.  I think it’s an episode you can take a lot away from. I hope you enjoy!


Oct 3, 2017

Well, it turns out the three of us know absolutely nothing about embezzlement, hiring, or firing! But seriously, this was a very eye opening for all of us as I am sure it will be for you. David Harris is a private investigator, cpa, and now embezzlement specialist in Dentistry.

In this episode, he points out a lot of eye opening facts and figures on dental embezzlement. It’s a real deal and could be affecting you right now! He is super open and candid about what we need to do and how we can avoid being embezzled from.

David’s company, Prosperident is all about helping dentists avoid this. If you personally have a suspicion that something is going on I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his company to investigate. They do it in a very stealth way that is completely hidden from everyone. He actually is giving our listeners a questionnaire that usually runs $129 through the end of 2017. Its free here,

-David’s Contact info