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Aug 29, 2017

In this episode we hear how Dr. JohnnyP went from dropping our of his residency program after 3 months of being there and backing out on a practice purchase in the last hour, to owning multiple practices with the latest technology. It was great having a super candid conversation about the defining moments looking back on his 7 year career so far.  

This is a great episode for new dentists because he shares about how making tough decisions defined his path. Not to mention what life as associate was like before owning a practice and then having to now hire associates. It’s a great perspective.  

We also talked about investing in yourself, technology, and being a risk taker. Take a listen and make sure to check out his website and shot him an email with questions or if your looking for a job at Seriously, if you’re a new graduate looking for a great opportunity near Indianapolis you should give him call! Thanks everybody! –Sully 

Aug 22, 2017

After a delicious meal at Chipotle Peyman and I sat down and got to talk with Dr. Baron Grutter who is a Michigan native currently practicing in the Midwest. I loved this episode because it really answers so many of the questions new dentists have and we get to see how things unfolded for him looking back in hindsight on everything. Questions such as dealing with debt, buying equipment for practice, buying a second office, hiring associates are just some of the stuff we got into.

And if that’s not enough we also hit on all the exciting things Baron has his hands in currently on the technology side. Baron is a part of the Blue Sky Bio team an open source software for all things implants, 3D printing, and now aligners for ortho. He currently teaches a number of courses on these subjects. For more info check his website out at to find out more about when courses are available! Thanks again for listening and keep spreading the word!

Aug 15, 2017

Sticking with the theme of good value for the money on consulting we follow up Laura Hatch with Travis Hornsby, founder of Student Loan Planner. Obviously student loans are getting out of hand and its probably the number 1 question students/new graduates have questions about. In this episode we dive right into the issues of how this happened, how to pay them off, and the options in which to do it.  

I have to admit I was skeptical about this interview when we set up but was blown away with Travis. His wife is an MD so he has a unique relationship to the medial field. In addition, his fees for analyzing your loans and giving non-biased advice are super reasonable. His flat fees are $199 for an individual and $299 for a couple where they both have debt.  

Reality is financial advisors and your family friend is probably the worst places to go to get advice on this subject. This is a great episode to share with friends! Below are some resources Travis gave me and remember to check us out at  

Free dental school loan calculator download 

Refinancing guide for all the places dentists want to check for rates:

Aug 8, 2017

When we all graduate we really have no clue how to run a business, manage a team, or even train the team. Frankly, we are just trying to all figure out how to do the dentistry and keep our heads above water! Consultants and in office training can be super expensive and takes up time when you could be seeing patients.

We don’t usually promote individual companies, but Front Office Rocks is an excellent resource for young dentists. 7-10 minute videos on everything related to dealing with insurance, the disgruntled patient, and answering the phone. All for $149.00 a month with no contract! All three of us have signed up and have been thrilled with the results!

Thanks for listening and as always we love to hear feedback/questions you have! Also if you haven’t yet follow us on Facebook and Instagram because we do a lot of live videos, post cases, and give aways!

Aug 1, 2017

Welcome back everyone! After a month off of some summer fun and activities we are getting back on our normal weekly release schedule. The last month has been all about getting really good content and interviewing lots of smarter people than us! We’re excited about the fall slate of episodes.  

In this episode, Dr. Peyray, Dr. Dan, my partner/father, and I answer a couple questions on topics that we have gotten from a number of people. IV vs conscious sedation, how to communicate better with older patients and team members, treatment planning, and how much a new graduate should be spending on CE among other things.  

If you got a minute please head over to Itunes and leave us a review, make sure to spread the word about the podcast, and if your interested in some Millennial Dentist Swag hit us up on our website,