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Apr 25, 2017

Had an awesome opportunity a couple weeks ago to sit down with Dr. Ernie Johnson in Scottsdale, AZ. We were both on the Spear/Cerec doctors campus at the Scottsdale training center. Everyone should make an effort to take a course out there. The campus is amazing! Dr. Johnson is a mentor for cerec doctors and I was at a training course. After a long days work we both sat down over a cold beer to discussthe importance of having a financial plan as we go throughout our career.

Dr. Johnson has a clear passion for personal finance and specifically investing. I think we could have talked all day about everything. He has gone so far to actually create a website that he specifically markets to dentists to help them get a leg up on investing. At Dentist Market Alert, he provides evidence based reasoning on how timing being in the market, out of the market, or on alert. It’s simple, but can make a huge difference in investment returns if your able to avoid drops like the dreaded 08 crash.

Take a listen, check out his website, and feel free to contact him with questions. Currently he charges only $200 a year to be apart of his online community.

Apr 18, 2017

Hopefully you all enjoyed Part 1 of our Hinman journey! I think it gives a snapshot into a lot of these companies if you weren’t able to be there and may convice you that next year you should go to it or another big meeting like it.

Part 2 kicks off Hank Barton, the president of Forest Dental. I was showing Peyman their dental units because he is still looking for a couple and we found them super affordable when we remodeled our office last year. This old guy in jeans walks up to us and introduces himself! I was like wow, that’s really cool! So a couple minutes later we sat down and got a chance to hear about his journey working with ADEC for 25 years before buying Forest Dental. When you look at there website you will totally get that his other passion is hot rod cars because it comes out in the chairs…they are really sharp! What we really wanted with this part was to dentists to make sure they look at all options when they are remodeling an office or opening one up. As Hank will talk about, check out their 7000 series at

Next up is Alex Nudel, the founder of Revenue Well. It’s hard to even describe what revenue well does in a paragraph! Basically it is like having an additional front office team member. The system can read codes so it knows every patient that you have diagnosed a crown on that didn’t schedule. It then allows you to send emails to all those patients talking about importance of crowns. You can do this with everything so its pretty neat. They also help with reviews, social media, confirmations and everything in between it feels like. For $299 a month it will be hard to find something that all encompassing!

Finally, we wrapped up our Hinman podcast tour with Dr. Charles Blair. A retired dentist, he now spends his entire time helping dentists deal with dental coding. This is something we all get no experience with in school and immediately have to learn on the fly when it comes to dealing with insurance! His books are not that expensive and are a must have for any new graduate in a practice. We don’t push a lot of product here but its that worth it. Little teaser for an upcoming episode is Dr. Blair is currently doing a in detailed look at our office over the past year. We are going to record the entire thing and post it as an episode so you can see where we have been messing up and losing money!

 Remember everyone, work smarter…not harder!

Apr 11, 2017

After doing lots of recording from the ole homestead here in Nashville Peyman and I decided to head south to ATL for the Hinman Dental Meeting. We actually did a neat video for Hinman on why Peyman and I are passionate about going to these large dental meetings! We love digital learning like the rest of you, but it doesn’t replace these meetings! Check it out first so you see what these episodes are all about. 

So yeah, at Hinman we went around to different vendors that we thought were interesting and got them on the podcast. We wanted those who couldn’t attend to hear about some of the new companies out there as well as their take on different aspects of dentistry. 

First up we have Dentist Chats who were great to talk to. I am currently using a different chat company, but these guys were awesome. I am a big believer only a month or two in that a chat person on your website is a must! They are doing a special deal for our listeners in waiving the first month fee if you mention us!!

Secondly, we interviewed Weave. Weave is basically a company that replaces your phones and integrates with your practice management software to maximize your front desk team. I am personally a user and a big fan. We saved a good bit of money by dropping AT&T. The biggest complaint your going to hear about Weave is if internet is down, so is your phones. Having good internet is key and Ill say for us personally that the amount of good things about weave outweighs the minimal outages we have had over the past year. However, everyone should look into some sort of software that helps your team up front! Skye said mention us and get your first month free and no contract!

Thirdly, we got a chance to catch up with Rohit, the founder of Practice By Numbers. I am a big believer in the fact that all practices need some software that helps track numbers. If your not tracking it you can’t improve it, its that simple! I am currently a Dental Intel user, but both would be worth looking into. Rohit is offering your first month free here as well!

Our last interview was with Banyan, a social media/review company. Everybody is starting to see those new signs pop up at dental offices. They are using a company like this to help market on social media. Although I love the idea and their concept I think its a bit overpriced as you will see. Unfortunately, we havent heard from them so you will get a good laugh at the end! 

Thanks for listening and please share with your friends and give us a review on iTunes!!

Apr 4, 2017

Super excited to have the chance to interview one of dentistry’s most influential people  in the area of sleep dentistry! However, we took a turn from most interviews Dr. Elliott has done and focused on her life as a dentist, who happens to be a female, her transition from associate to partner, how to avoid being a “princess” associate, and what her plans are for the future of her own practice!

Dr. Elliott was born in Southern California and was apparently quite the athlete! She played soccer in college before heading to Creighton University for Dental School. She has a passion for treating sleep apnea and is the past president of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy.

You can reach Erin at