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Learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more, and take more vacations! This is how generations collaborate to make an unstoppable dental team!
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Mar 28, 2017

It was a privilege to get to spend some time with Peyman’s good buddy Dr. Matt Koepke. Dr. Koepke is a board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in West Virgina. You will find that in listening to the interview with Dr. Koepke that at first he may seem like your typical millennial that graduates dental school with lots of loans and then tries to figure out what to do next…guess again! He just got back a couple months ago from a trip of a lifetime taking him around the world! Capping it off with spending 2 months in Australia where he planned his start up Oral Surgery office, Appalachian Oral Surgery Center.

In this one of kind episode we see what confidence, drive, and determination can really do. Dr. Koepke has not only defied expectations but also the norm! He has taken an out of the box approach to putting emphasis on happiness, helping others, and providing top notch patient care. Best part about the podcast is he is completely open and honest about his debt load, his experience with a start up, and how he got to where he is. 

And just when I thought I had finally figured this guy out he lets us inside another passion of his, medical ethics. Dr. Koepke made some great points on how us as dentists and other medical professionals have fallen off the wagon in giving and maintaining the best possible ethical care for our patients. In his brand new book, “Ethics under the Knife: Patient Care and Disservice in the Medical Industry” he tackles these questions head on. 

To hear more about Dr. Koepke check out his instagram @drmattkoepke and follow his youtube channel! As always spread the word and head on over to iTunes and give us a review! And remember….Work Smarter, Not Harder! 

Mar 21, 2017

First time we have had one of these “Senior Dentists” on the episode and I felt like it should be none other than my dad. Probably one of our favorite episodes we have recorded so far because it really gets at the core of why we started this podcast.

In the episode, Dr. Rick Sullivan, a 3rd generation dentist shares his experience over the past 30 years in practice, transitioning to a partnership, and working with a Millennial. Here how are practice has grown over 150% in two years, the keys to our success, and why he is loving dentistry more and more.

Dr. Pey Ray takes the lead in interviewing Dr. Rick on why as a seasoned dentist in his mid 50s he has continued to invest in technology. Great questions ranging from why he loves dentistry to the secret to keeping long-term staff.  If your interested in dentistry or gun collecting follow him on instagram @tngunmaster and if you have more questions you would like to personally ask him his email is!

As always thanks for listening! We appreciate your support and your itunes reviews! If you want a free Millennial Dentist coozie send us your name and address and we will get one in the mail to you!

Mar 15, 2017

Check out this interview I just had with Jonathon Van Horn. He is a Dental specific CPA who I feel like really does provide his clients enormous benefit. If I were in the market CPA he would for sure be on my short list. Give him a shout and tell him you heard him on the podcast. Special thanks to him for taking time out of his super busy season to join us. Below is from his website and his email is

Jonathan created DentistMetrics to solve the problem facing many dentists – they have a complicated business and their time is stretched way too thin.  Most dentists spend 15,000 hours learning to be a dentist but ZERO hours learning how to be a business owner.

DentistMetrics aims to completely automate and outsource the bookkeeping, financial reporting, and tax portion of the dentist’s business so that they can focus on what really matters in their practice.

By creating an automated workflow for the dentist and by focusing on showing dentists what numbers they need to be watching, DentistMetrics has allowed dental practices around the country to raise profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

When not interviewing dentists on his podcast Start Your Dental Practice, coaching dentists on being a better business owner, or just nerding it up with business owners about ways to be more profitable Jonathan enjoys spending time going to the lake with his wife April, daughter Harper, and son Finn. He’s also been known to play golf. (poorly)

Weird facts about Jonathan – he was once ranked in the top ten in the nation at whiffleball, played bass guitar in a rock band for eight years, and spent his college years playing semi-professional poker.